A to Z Mindfulness: A coping skills coloring book for kids

This coloring book is meant to be a tool to help children use mindfulness skills as a way to cope with stress, anxiety, and anger. Children can use it on their own: coloring the pictures, drawing, and practicing the skills on each page. Or, they can use it with an adult who cares about them. Parents, teachers, and counselors can guide them to practice the skill listed on each page. This is a great way to start a conversation about mindfulness. Children may need extra coaching or explanations about the skills included. 

Each page also includes an affirmation to improve confidence, positive self talk, and emotional expression. These affirmations can be repeated throughout the day. Parents can use them as reminders when a child is feeling overwhelmed by a big emotion or is in need of encouragement. 

We hope that this can be a fun and useful way to teach the children in your life about mindfulness and coping with stressors!

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