Blocks Rock - A STEM Toy and Educational Game

Blocks Rock! is a STEM educational game that offers numerous benefits for children.  

While players work to create and build a wooden block structure, you will see children's attention and focus soar as they work to create the intended design.  Utilizing Block Rock! also requires spacial reasoning, which is a key skill for STEM success.  

In addition to their educational value, children can also step away from the traditional Blocks Rock! "game" and just free play with the blocks. With a set of good blocks, a child has the ability to create and build anything they want. 

Because of this dual-functionality, Blocks Rock! is the ultimate choice for any toy in its category.  It is an incredibly fun and engaging game, yet also teaches spacial skills, problem solving, fine motor skills, and even social emotional skills such as creativity, focus, and self-esteem. Because of all the many benefits of blocks, plus the ability to use these particular blocks both as a game and then free play if you choose, Blocks Rock! is really the ultimate block set! 

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