Why should I purchase toys and products that have intent versus "regular" toys such as barbies and race cars?

Enhancing your child's emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.  There is a plethora of research that states children who are emotionally intelligent are happier, healthier, and even do better academically.  Your child is exposed to toys and products every day, all day, and Toys with Intent believes in being intentional about this exposure.  By playing with toys and products that teach your child important social and emotional skills, you are helping them grow their EQ and shaping them into becoming a more resilient adult.  While "regular toys" can provide some fun for your child, the products on this site go beyond fun and transform play-time into personal growth time.

Does Toys with Intent actually make and sell the items on this website?

Toys with Intent was originally founded on the desire to help parents find helpful toys and products all in one place, so we have done the research to find items that we believe promote social and emotional development in some way.  Most items on this site link you to the original site of where the product is sold, and Toys with Intent receives a small portion of the sale. A few select items are purchased wholesale from businesses and Toys with Intent then sells them directly to you, the consumer. Finally, we also have a few products that we have actually created, made, housed, and sold ourselves- with more products to come! This is a comprehensive model that allows Toys with Intent to have a variety of products ranging in age and skill.

I have a question about shipping/returns, who do I contact?

If you are directed to another website and have a question related to shipping, returns, and other product questions, please check out that website's contact information.  If you purchase items thru the Toyswithintent website (meaning you are not redirected to another web page) please feel free to contact hello@toyswithintent.com with all your questions.

Are these products designed to replace the need for counseling or psychotherapy in children who are really struggling with a particular issue?

No, they are not. First and foremost if your child or teen is really struggling you should speak with an outside professional. No toy or gadget alone can fix a real issue. If you are confused at who to talk to, consider reading my blog post about counseling and where to start.

My child does not have any real “issues”, can my child still benefit from Toys with Intent?

Absolutely. The best way to minimize issues in the future is to be proactive and preventative from the start. By having your child and teen engage in products that teach them about empathy, how to cope with stress, or how to regulate their emotions, you are already setting him/her up for future success and resiliency. It is better to learn the skill before it is actually needed.

I have a recommendation for a toy or product or want to create an item, who do I talk to?

Fabulous! Toys with Intent is always looking for new items to share with other parents and professionals. Please do take the time to email us at hello@toyswithintent.com with your recommendation. We will be sure to give you the proper kudos should we chose to promote your suggested item(s). In addition, part of our goal is to help inspire toy makers/educators/parents to create new purposeful products. If you are toying around with an idea, we would be happy to hear your vision and talk it thru with you! Email us at hello@toyswithintent to get the conversation going. We look forward to collaborating!