Feelmo "Speaking Cards" - Social & Emotional Skills Development - Counseling Therapy Card Game For Children + Guide

  • HELP CHILDREN TO EXPRESS THEIR INNER WORLD: Instead of asking direct questions that may embarrass a child, these cards are just what you need in order to help yourself understand what children think. Talking through cards is an extremely effective way in order to find out what kids really think, to which situations they are related to, or in what ways they can express their feelings.
  • IDEAL FOR THERAPISTS, EDUCATORS & PARENTS: It's a fact-those cards can be an extremely useful tool that educators, therapists and parents can use. A conversation game that stimulates in-class activities aiming to increase kids' emotional intelligence, or an individual step-to-step analysis of events when working with a therapist. Simple yet effective, this kit can be proven extremely careful for a wide range of circumstances.
  • DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONALS: Created by art therapists and psychotherapists, this card game has been carefully designed so as to embrace the feelings expression process and make children feel comfortable while talking about their inner world. An essential activity which helps kids and teenagers develop a link between their microcosm and the external world.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL AGES: Even though this kit is mostly used with children, that doesn't mean that adults or teens cannot benefit themselves when working with it. Designed to be used by children aged 4+. Ideal even for those adults who wish to reconnect with their inner child or their hidden emotions.
  • LIVELY ILLUSTRATIONS: When it comes to display cards activities, illustration plays a major role. That's why our cards kit has been carefully constructed by professionals by using plain, clearly designed illustrations that stimulate the senses and provide a sensory input as an initiative point for a fruitful conversation

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