I'm not afraid of spiders: Poems about feelings

The poems in this collection are about situations that all children will recognize: Going to school, having an injection, going shoe shopping or on holiday, arguing with siblings, learning something new, or falling out with friends to name but a few. And children will also recognize many of the emotions being felt on every page.

The feelings of excitement felt by the boy in ‘The Sea,’ the nerves felt by the girl about to dive into a pool for the first time, and the frustration of the boy who tries and fails to get an advance on his pocket money. Sad, happy, apprehensive, excited, curious, frustrated, shy, sneaky, worried; these are just some of the emotions you will find here. Also included are activities that will encourage children to think and talk about the emotions they see in the poems, and some helpful notes for adults.

Talking about how you feel can be difficult but recognizing what you are feeling and being able to name your feelings and deal with them appropriately is an important skill to develop; and when you support a child in this way, you will be supporting their overall emotional well-being and mental health. For children aged 5 -11yrs approx.

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