Jameon's Closet

Jameon's Closet is a story written to help children acknowledge and respect their feelings...even the hard ones. It uses humor and everyday life to gently and non-threateningly expose children to the importance of appropriately expressing feelings. The clever use of the closet as a metaphor addresses a familiar and common experience many children have when confronted with overwhelming feelings.

The authors invite children to engage in a process of cleaning as they go, little by little, which lends hope to an otherwise large goal. As children, and adults alike, embrace the important message of Jameon's Closet, we can expect maturity and well-being for all.

Their story, Jameon’s Closet, provides kids and their caregivers with a helpful metaphor for helping kids release long suppressed feelings and emotions in slow, supportive and contained processes. The story explains to kids how storing up their memories and feelings is similar to Jameon’s awful closet. The illustrations provided are bright, funny and lively, and they work perfectly with the upbeat and positive message of the story. Jameon’s Closet is most highly recommended.

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