Making Mindful Magic: mindfulness for children (Free Shipping)


From the Author:

Making Mindful Magic is a children's picture book full of activities teaching mindfulness to kids. The book is filled with mindfulness activities that are technology-free, mostly set in nature and ignite children's innate creativity, inviting them into the present moment. Each mindfulness exercise, delivered in verse, is illustrated with full colour pastel artworks. The book also includes a detailed guide for parents and teachers in the back with mindfulness ideas for both children and their parents and teachers. Making Mindful Magic is a book for teaching mindfulness to children, for parents at home with your kids or for teachers to bring mindfulness into the classroom. You will love using this picture book every day with your children, sharing the gift of mindfulness. Practising mindfulness makes us more grounded, brings inner calm and clarity of thought. It encourages us to live authentically and be happy with what we have and who we are. Making Mindful Magic helps you to offer the gift of mindful living to your children from an early age and to help you incorporate these mindfulness activities into your own life, your family's life. Exercises like 'Sit Quietly', or 'Watch Waves' encourage children and adults alike to slow down and be focused, and have the additional benefit of being pre-cursors to meditation for children.