My Moods My Feelings Poster

This 12" x 18" My Moods My Feelings Poster, which comes with every Time-In ToolKit, is a fun and helpful way to teach children social and emotional skills.

The poster is designed to help children recognize, name, understand and regulate their emotions and their bodies. With the help of colorful and engaging illustrations, the posters increase self-awareness, encouraging children and adults alike to name emotions and to practice the playfully illustrated calming strategies featured on each poster.

The My Feelings Poster is a great tool to jump-starts discussions about feelings with children as young as age three on up. It features 32 emotions divided into four mood categories: Angry (Scared), Happy, Calm and Sad.

This poster is already part of the complete Time-In ToolKit, however, due to high demand, we are making the individual poster available.

Ideal for any calming space, home, classroom, childcare center, family friendly business or therapy practice. 

Size: 12 x 18 | Paper: 10 mil, fingerprint resistant gloss.

This product is available through the Generation Mindful affiliate program- Click here to purchase on their site.