Your Inner Compass That Could

Your Inner Compass That Could is a wise, empowering tale that provides a fresh perspective on navigating the magical adventure of life.  Helping a child develop their own inner voice, their sense of self, and own moral compass, is what this beautifully illustrated children's book is all about!  It can be all too easy for children to follow their peers, rather then to trust their gut, yet this book sends the powerful message to trust yourself and do what is right for you.  Your young reader will learn that when they follow their inner wisdom, it will lead the way to true fulfillment. 

Messages and themes of self-empowerment, self-growth, and self-confidence are weaved throughout this magical tale and it will encourage your child to develop their own morals and learn to evaluate what is right and wrong.  This is truly a powerful and beautiful book that every child could benefit from.

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